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Photo by Joe Raedle Getty Images Tim Jones joins Marc Cox to discuss the latest numbers in the Missouri polls
A Campaign Ad We Can Get Behind We're nearing the end of the election season, and it cannot come soon enough! Campaign ads are eeeeeevvvverywhere right now. Tired of them yet? We think this one's a pretty good one. Would you vote for her? Watch the video:
Photo by Alex Wong Getty Images Catherine Herridge from The Fox News Channel joins Marc Cox to report on the latest with Hillary's released emails and the damage control for the campaign.
There are six ballot measures facing Missouri voters on November 8. Marc Cox has laid out each measure for you. You will see each measure below with the ballot text written in italics , Marc's vote written in bold , followed by an explanation of how he came to that Yes or No...
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images Dave Workman, Communications Director, Citizens Committee For The Right To Keep And Bear Arms, discusses the polls, media bias, and the importance of the Supreme Court judges