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Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Brooks Brothers Made a fool of by his panel , none the less, after he freaks over family members hanging with President Trump during SCOTUS:
Photo by Scott OlsonGetty Images Rodney Boyd believes that Right To Work will pass the House and could be signed into law by Friday
Photo by Alex WongGetty Images A Sheriff in Austin, TX has said that she won't comply with ICE, unless an illegal immigrant has committed a violent crime.
Photo by Alex Wong Getty Images Josh Hawley has seen Judge Gorsuch, President Trump's Supreme Court pick, in action. He says that Gorsuch is a pro and he's very excited about the pick.
Photo by Alex Wong Getty Images Hans Von Spakovsky says that Neil Gorsuch is a great pick for the Supreme Court Nomination. He says the left is upset because he will correctly interpret the Constitution.
Credit: Aaron P. Bernstein / Stringer Jamie speaks with Genevieve Wood on Pelosi claiming Gorsuch doesn't care about women's reproductive rights because he sided with the Hobby Lobby case. "It's only the rights that THEY care about, they don't care about ALL women's reproductive...