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Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Image At least he's crying out of both eyes. President Obama was an expert at the one-eye cry. Regardless, here's a laugh at Sen. Schumer's teary expense:
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images Surprisingly, CBS's Scott Pelly is very far in his reporting. You do have to get through Holt droning on before the common sense kicks in.
Photo by Drew AngererGetty Images Dr. Gerard Lameiro says that President Trump is a hard worker and likes to get things done. A lot has happened in President Trump's first week in office and President Trump continues to keep promises from the campaign trail.
Credit: Craig Barritt / Stringer Gov. Greitens visits with Vice President Mike Pence in D.C. and will tax reform be covered this session in legislation? Jamie speaks with Rodney Boyd to give us the details. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Justin Sullivan / Staff Elizabeth Warren is out and in full crazy swing at Boston Airport, Schumer cries about Trump's executive orders and HRC opens her coffin to comment "this is not who we are" on immigration ban. Jim Hoft has all of the latest news on the crazy libs...
Photo by Zach Gibson/Getty Images Liberals won't like this list. Even #NeverTrumpers are taking President Trump's side on this issue.