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Photo by Jamie Squire Getty Images Today is the first day to through a hat in the ring for Mayor of St. Louis. Rodney Boyd discusses the candidates so far.
Photo by Spencer Platt Getty Images Some people are casting shade on Romney being appointed in a Trump Administration. Marc asks if Sheriff David Clark is up for any positions.
Photo by Robert King Newsmakers The Electoral College vote comes up later this month. Hans Von Spakovsky says he believes this will be much ado about nothing. There's about a 30,000 vote difference to make up to change the vote in the state. Jill Stein has raised almost twice as...
Photo by Drew Angerer Getty Images This will begin on Thursday as long as Wisconsin gets their check. Wisconsin is expecting a $1 million from the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein for a recount. It's expected to take about 2 weeks for the recount.