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Photo by Sandy HuffakerGetty Images Hans Von Spakovsky discusses putting conditions on federal funding for cities that want to be sanctuary cities. NEVER MISS AN EPISODE OF THE MARC COX SHOW! CATCH THE PODCAST: CLICK HERE .
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Photo: Michael Thomas/ Getty Images Jamie speaks with Rodney Boyd on Governor Greitens signing a ridesharing bill & with three weeks left in session, Prevailing Wage laws are still up in the air. Also, Boyd tells folks to pay close attention to the budgets in Missouri and D...
Photo by Matt Stroshane/Getty Images Aidan had an incident on the plane... Listen to story below:
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images Jamie speaks with Jimmy Hoft on a new poll: If the election was held today, Trump would beat Hillary in electoral vote AND popular vote. Sean Hannity is being accused of sexual harassment by blogger Debbie Schlussel. Also, Bill O'Reilly starts...
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images Emily Martin and Leonard Toenjes explain the Prevailing Wage laws in Missouri and the benefits that come from keeping prevailing wage. Check out the website: Listen to interview below:
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