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Photo by Christopher FurlongGetty Images The Missouri Supreme Court is refusing to review the case. Jalesia says that the embryos are being referred to as property. She says that they are legislating from the bench.
Photo by Michael B. Thomas Getty Images There isn't a promise that the expansion will happen. The construction wouldn't even begin for about 5 years. Graham Renz says that ridership on Metrolink is on the decline.
A 4 year old found a rattlesnake in the toilet. More were found under the house!
Photo by Spencer PlattGetty Images Jeremy Cady explains Right To Work and tells us when the Governor will be signing Right To Work in to law.
Photo by Chip SomodevillaGetty Images A cloture vote was taken this morning to move along the process. Two Republicans have come out and said that they will not vote for Betsy DeVos which would make a 50/50 split. Vice President Mike Pence would have to make the call on the tie.