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Credit: Getty Images By Justin Sullivan March 25th, 2008 HRC spits out another lie about being under "sniper fire" in Bosnia. Check it out below:
Good morning this morning! Watch Allman and crew below: Show List: 6:50-Pam Geller 7:22 Genevieve Wood 7:37- Ann Wagner 8:22- Kevin Jackson 8:37- Skip Weber
Credit: Getty Images Here is the video for the song Marc played about Bill Clinton's alleged son
200+ restaurants are participating. Here is a list:
Photo by Ethan Miller Getty Images Jon Decker from Fox News Radio reports on an email saying that emails needed to be dumped.
Photo by Justin Sullivan Getty Images Chris Arps weighs in on his thoughts about the Clinton email investigation being reopened. Chris Arps and Marc discuss the latest Monmouth University polls in Missouri