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Photo by Alex WongGetty Images Days after Justice Neil Gorsuch was seated on the Supreme Court, restoring the panel to full strength, a top Senate Republican said the court could soon be down a member once again - in turn giving President Trump another big appointment. "I would...
Photo by Jeff J MitchellGetty Images Katie Hopkins talks about things she has said that have been called hate speech and the problem with refugees flooding cities. NEVER MISS AN EPISODE OF THE MARC COX SHOW! CATCH THE PODCAST: CLICK HERE .
Photo by Tom Dulat/Getty Images This guy... ha! Mike point out, if this is the worst thing that's ever happened to him, he's had a pretty easy life. His rant is funny, though:
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images Tiffany Bates joins Mike Ferguson this morning to discuss the Trinity Lutheran Supreme Court case .
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images Mike Ferguson is in the chair for Jamie this morning. He's joined by Annie Frey . The Bill O'Reilly controversy sparked a lengthy conversation of accountability, responsibility and the differences between the treatment of men and women in the...