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Photo by Mark Wilson Getty Images Ann Wagner discusses the agenda for the 115th Congress and meeting with Vice President-Elect Mike Pence. Congresswoman Wagner says that Obamacare is the #1 priority.
Photo by Mark Wilson Getty Images Lis Wiehl and Marc talk about what is on the agenda for 2017 in Congress. Lis says the number one concern is the Supreme Court Justice appointment. She discusses Merrick Garland as a Supreme Court Justice and why Congress is willing to meet with...
Credit: Win McNamee /Getty Images Salon had nothing better to do then to criticize Trump for who he celebrated NYE with.. Trump may have celebrated with Billionaires but Salon celebrated with poor people. A serious epic fail. Read FULL article here!
Credit: Chip Somodevilla /Getty Images Jamie speaks with Congresswoman Ann Wagner on the changes that will be made during Trump's first 100 days. "80% of Americans want some sort of major change and we will hold true to our promises," Wagner explains. Listen to interview below:
Credit:Mark Makela /Getty Images Jamie speaks with Genevieve Wood on the loony libs. never being satisfied with any choice Trump makes. "Dems are saying no matter who you nominate we will not like any of them," Wood explains. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Mark Wilson /Getty Images It seems that Paul Ryan isn't hip on the youngsters dance moves and confused the Dab with a sneeze. Watch the awkward encounter below: