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200+ restaurants are participating. Here is a list:
Photo by Ethan Miller Getty Images Jon Decker from Fox News Radio reports on an email saying that emails needed to be dumped.
Photo by Justin Sullivan Getty Images Chris Arps weighs in on his thoughts about the Clinton email investigation being reopened. Chris Arps and Marc discuss the latest Monmouth University polls in Missouri
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Does HRC truly smell as terrible as sources say? Doug Giles reports on a Clinton staffer that claims not only is she a horrible woman but she literally stinks.
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images Judge Napolitano says he's not an apologist for HRC but he does defend her constitutional rights. The Judge feels that Comey's obligation to send the letter to Congress was a "self-imposed" one and keeping with a promise that shouldn't have been...
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Todd Starnes reports on a DNC headquarters in Ohio that received a pre-election surprise . Jamie points out that this is keeping with the theme of the HRC campaign after a DNC bus dumps sewage in a Georgia storm drain and Hillary continues...