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Credit: Getty Images Eric Engman Jamie speaks with Jim Hoft about the intricacy of early voting and Former Clinton Pollster Doug Schoen withdrawing support fro HRC. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Gett Images Scott Olson This HillBully didn't think she would get caught trolling a Trump supporter... Guess what lady, YOU'RE WRONG!
Credit: Getty Images Mark Makela Is there anything that this woman wouldn't do? She's as dirty as the day is long! Listen to audio below:
It's that time of year again for Jamie and the AITM crew to celebrate Halloween! It's 5 AM but we still know how to party!
Good mornin you bunch o' drunks and happy Halloween! Let's get this Monday started by watching Jamie and the crew do their thing in the studio brought to you by Arrowhead Building Supply ! Guests: 6:50-Jim Hoft 7:22- Rodney Boyd 8:22 Jay Stewart 8:37 Rob Rains
Screenshot via The Mainstream Media says Donald Trump and his supporters have hurt their feelings. CNN's Wolf Blizter unloaded on Kellyanne Conway, Trump's campaign manager -- demanding that they stop heckling journalists. Click here to subscribe to Todd's...