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Stephanie Gebel discusses the need for trials on a rare disease, Wolfram Syndrome. There is no cure for the disease and Stephanie is raising awareness and funds for the clinical trials.
Photo by Mark Wilson Getty Images Congressman Luektemeyer has been named to the financial services committee and Marc asked him about what's going on with IRAs and 401ks. They also discuss bills that will be coming through Congress in the first 100 days.
Photo by Shawn Thew - Pool Getty Images Jeff Monosso reports on the expectations for President Obama's farewell speech. He talks about the venue for the event as well as the amount that tickets are going for.
Photo by Shawn Thew - Pool Getty Images Chris and Marc discuss their predictions for the President's farewell speech in Chicago tonight.
Photo by Stephen Morton Getty Images Chris Arps and Marc discuss the Governor's Ball they attended after the inauguration of Eric Grietens. They also discuss some of the things that will be going through Congress very soon.