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Good morning this morning! Today, Jamie recaps Halloween, riffs on drunken Hillary and much more. Watch Allman and crew below: 5:22 – National Anthem 5:50 – Todd Starnes 7:22 – Judge Andrew P. Napolitano 8:10 – Dr. Randy Tobler 8:37 – Doug Giles
Photo by Justin Sullivan Getty Images Gary Byrne, author of Crisis of Character, and former secret service for the Clinton's, talks about the reopened case of Hillary Clinton's emails.
Credit: Getty Images Tim Jones talks to Marc Cox about the latest Missouri Polls
Photo by Joe Raedle Getty Images Prof. Allan Saxe joins Marc Cox to discuss how the Clinton camp will handle this October surprise
Marc dressed up as Hillary in prison! He borrowed Liz's witch hat to bring the whole thing together.
Photo by Theo Wargo Getty Images Catherine Herridge from the Fox News Channel reports on the latest with the Clinton email investigation.