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Credit:Gabriella Demczuk /Getty Images Jamie speaks with Rodney Boyd on the 400 pieces of legislation pre-filed for 2017. They also discuss one of the biggest bills of 2016 which is right to work. Listen to interview below:
Photo by Justin Merriman/Getty Images STLToday's Aisha Sultan posts a piece aimed at 'educating' students on how to decipher fake news. Funny, she doesn't site her sources...
Credit:Matt Winkelmeyer /Getty Images On ABC's "Last Man Standing" Tim Allen plays a conservative dad who defends the First Amend. by taking on lib. college professors when asked by his daughter to come in and give a speech to her business college. Watch video below:
Famiy, tradition and Collard Green Au Gratin! Enjoy Jamie's family recipe: Click here to watch a heartfelt Allman holiday tradition come to life!
Credit: Chip Somodevilla /Getty Images CNN Crew Jokes About Trump's Plane Crashing, meanwhile, behind the scenes the crew did thumbs down if plane lands thumbs up if crashes. Really classy act from the mainstream media. Watch video below:
Credit: Scott Eisen /Getty Images Kellyanne Conway and Robby Mook speak about the act of the so-called "fake news" in the 2016 election cycle. Conway stood her ground, saying: "The biggest piece of fake news in this election was that Donald Trump couldn't win. That was peddled...
Credit:Ty Wright /Getty Images Goodbye Obama! Songwriter Dana Kamide produced this music and video and performs vocals on this wonderful, hilarious Christmas song parody which says it all! Watch video below:
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