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Credit: Jesse Grant / Stringer Usually we disagree with Uygur, but on the topic of James Clapper we feel that he nails him down to a T. Caught Lying About The NSA, James Clapper Tries To 'Clarify'. Listen to Uygur rip him apart piece by piece:
Credit: Spencer Platt / Staff Local favorite Henry Davis shares his thoughts on the horrific happenings in Chicago. Watch below:
Credit: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images News On top of being a liar and corrupt, James Clapper is also clueless. Remember back in 2010 when Director Clapper was interviewed by Diane Sawyer about the London Terror Attacks and was caught completely off guard by the questions?...
Photo by Mark WilsonGetty Images Annie Frey and Marc Cox discuss a possible deal between Democrats and Republicans in the State House in Springfield
Photo by Dan Kitwood Getty Images Chris Farrell talks about the obligation to preserve all records in the federal government. It turns out that DHS were giving themselves waivers to use private email on their government computers. He says it's essentially the same thing Hillary...
Photo by EvansThree Lions Getty Images Daniel Greenfield was born in Israel and today lives in New York. He says Trump wants to shift business as usual and should drown the swamp by getting rid of the UN.
Photo by Chip Somodevilla Getty Images Rachel Bovard says states will have a roll to play and that the federal role will be scaled back. The first step is the reconciliation process. There are several processes after that and will probably take at least 2 years.