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Photo Credit: Getty Images / Stephen Lovekin Annie Frey is your host for “The Annie Frey Show” airing Saturdays from 5p - 7p on FM News Talk 97.1 radio in St. Louis, MO. Click on the Planned Parenthood debate from The View to see their spin on the topic.
Photo by Michael B. ThomasGetty Images Michael Highsmith says student debt is higher than all of the credit card debt.
Photo by Craig Barritt Getty Images for The Robin Hood Foundation Rodney Boyd talks about the inauguration of Eric Greitens and the policies he will be implementing, such as Right To Work.
Photo by Sean GallupGetty Images David French and Marc Cox discuss the latest revelations about hacking into 2016 elections.
Credit: Alex Wong / Staff Jamie speaks with Jim Carafano about the corruption of Clapper and the growth of skepticism of the intelligence community. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Dave Kotinsky / Stringer Allman Report Producer Thad is sick and tired of all these Hollywood PSAs so he makes his own video telling these D-listers to basically suck an egg. Watch hilarious video below:
Credit: Dan Istitene / Staff Our sales guiro Joe Rusch joins Jamie in studio to talk about the 3rd annual STL motorcycle show Jan. 14th and 15th, 2017. For more information, CLICK HERE! Listen to interview below: