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Photo by Ty Wright Getty Images It Was Part of Obama's 2012 campaign, an ad Claudia describes as an ad for socialism. It was supposed to be about how "Julia's" life was better under President Obama. Claudia says she believes we've dodged the "Life of Julia" bullet.
Photo by Win McNamee Getty Images Former Senator Jim Talent talks about Donald Trump's cabinet pick and Donald Trump's comment on Boeing.
Photo by Drew Angerer Getty Images. Marc and Chris discuss Ben Carson as HUD Secretary, Al Gore's meeting with Donald Trump, and Donald Trump nominating democrats to his cabinet. Joe Biden running for President in 2020 and the Secretary of State position.
Photo by Drew Angerer Getty Images Tonya J. Powers reports on the recount. Jill Stein says she just wants to verify the votes. A few things have changed, but not enough to change the election.
Photo by Yana Paskova/Getty Images A bunch of arrogant #NeverTrumper electors get together and call themselves the "Hamilton Electors". Of all the names, they chose his.