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Credit: Michael Thomas / Stringer/ Getty Images Gov. Eric Greitens outlines programs to help create peace in St. Louis
<p>Credit: Kris Connor / Stringer/ Getty Images</p><p>Austin Petersen discusses his platform as a GOP candidate against Sen. Claire McCaskill.</p> </p><iframe src="
Photo Credit: NurPhoto / Contributor/ Getty Images Chicago has had a gun violence problem and now the Feds are being sent in to deal with it.
<p>Credit: Drew Angerer / Staff/ Getty Images</p><p>Some Republicans are still against the bill, but there could be a new proposal this week to be voted on next week.</p> </p><iframe src="
Photo Credit: Janie Osborne / Stringer/ Getty Images A special election is being held on Tuesday for Mayor Krewson's former seat. It will be the first election since the Voter ID law has been passed.
Photo credit should read TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images Jamie welcomes Austin Petersen , fresh off his announcement to run for US Senate in 2018! Petersen points out, “Ronald Reagan said explicitly, ‘Libertarianism is the heart and soul of conservatism.’ I’ve always identified with...