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Photo by Spencer PlattGetty Images Paycheck Protection requires that before government agencies withhold money for union dues/political donations, it has to have annual authorization from public sector employees. The Right To Work bill has passed through Senator Bob Onder's...
Photo by Luke SharrettGetty Images A budget resolution has been passed on a party line vote. The House will vote on the resolution tomorrow. This sets up instructions to relevant committees to start working on the repeal process.
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images Kennedy joins Jamie to discuss the confirmation hearing of Rex Tillerson.
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images Sen. Jim Talent joins the discussion regarding the outrageous story of Trump having prostitutes urinate on President Obama's bed at a Russian hotel . He also chimes in on confirmation hearings and the upcoming inauguration.
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images Buzzfeed found the story on a shady forum called 4 Chan and reported it as fact. CNN then reported that Buzzfeed reported it. Your MSM perpetuating the fake news cycle. Jim Hoft has the scoop on this story and more. More from The Gateway...
Photo by Steve Wood/Daily Express/Getty Images Fox 29 in Philly wishes the late Joe Frazier a happy birthday. They then proceed to talk about Frazier's plans for the evening. What?