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Credit: General Photographic Agency / Stringer You want a real drop the mic moment ? Go back to 1924 to The GREAT Calvin Coolidge! Watch video below:
Credit: Kevin Winter / Staff Yesterday, Maxine Waters had an Aleppo moment, Nancy Pelosi calls President Trump President Bush and Elizabeth Warren was silenced during Session debate. I think we have found our new Three Stooges for 2017. Watch videos of the left-wing loons below:
Credit: Christopher Furlong / Staff Even a left-wing news source like Mother Jones agree with Trump that H-1B visas are screwing tech. workers. Read FULL article HERE!
Credit: Ian Walton / Staff Saint Louis County had an investigatory audit and Steve Stenger explains what the investigation found. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Thos Robinson / Stringer It hasn't been widely know that the fighters are grounded because they don't work and don't have parts. Things are now coming to light. Only 25% are flyable currently. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Pool / Pool The White House and 3 judges from the 9th circuit court will have a conference call tonight regarding the stay put in place by a Seattle judge. Listen to interview below: