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Credit: Getty Images by Guess what? Lying is just apart of Clinton's personality. She was not in NYC during 9/11 she was in D.C. Watch her lie AGAIN below:
Credit: Getty Images by Joe Raedle Clinton yells and screams at her Florida rally that Trump supporters are dark and divisive. Watch below:
Credit: Getty Images By Justin Sullivan March 25th, 2008 HRC spits out another lie about being under "sniper fire" in Bosnia. Check it out below:
Good morning this morning! Watch Allman and crew below: Show List: 6:50-Pam Geller 7:22 Genevieve Wood 7:37- Ann Wagner 8:22- Kevin Jackson 8:37- Skip Weber
Credit: Getty Images Here is the video for the song Marc played about Bill Clinton's alleged son
200+ restaurants are participating. Here is a list:
Photo by Ethan Miller Getty Images Jon Decker from Fox News Radio reports on an email saying that emails needed to be dumped.