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Because, NY Times reporter Jeff Zeleny asked President Obama this:
Photo by Joe Raedle Getty Images Saint Louis Board Bill 203 would make Saint Louis an abortion sanctuary city. Karen Nolkemper says the bill would significantly harm religious freedom and explains why. More information at
Photo by U.S. Marshals via Getty Images Olga Woltering was one of the 5 victims in Fort Lauderdale. She and her husband, Ralph, lived in Georgia and were travelling to For Lauderdale to celebrate her husband's 90th birthday with their children. Olga's niece's husband, Frank...
Photo by Abid Katib Getty Images Joseph Klein discusses a recent attack in Palestine that killed 4 people who were sight seeing. Hamas celebrated it as a heroic act. Klein says that the way he sees it, the UN and Obama Administration are partially responsible and explains why.