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Photo by Drew AngererGetty Images Betsy DeVos' nomination hearing will be Wednesday. Michael McShane, from The Show Me Institute, explains that Betsy DeVos has a nearly 30 year history advocating for a pretty standard slate of center-right education priorities including school...
Photo by Alex WongGetty Images James Rosen says the decision to launch this investigation seems to be political. The Inspector General is not including Attorney General Lynch and her aides conduct. The IG probe is mostly focused on Dir. Comey's conduct.
Credit:Drew Angerer /Getty Images Jamie speaks with Maria Bartiromo about President-Elect Trump's strategic cabinet picks. "Make no mistake, these picks that Trump has made are there because he believes they will execute in his visions," Bartiromo explains. Watch interview below:
Credit: Evening Standard / Stringer National Anthem - The Fray 522 Velvet Black Sky- Mocean Worker 535 On The Run- Lake 548 Genghis Khan- Miike Snow 610 Like The Way I Do- Melissa Etheridge 622 Got To Give It Up- Marvin Gaye 635 All I Want- Joni Mitchell 648 Battle Flag-...
Credit: Mark Wilson /Getty Images Gen. James "Mad Dog" Mattis speaks about the LGBT community joining the military. Watch video below:
Credit: Joe Raedle /Getty Images Linda Bean is one of the members of the family that founded L.L. Bean. She donated $60,000 to the Making America Great Again LLC PAC. Now Left-Wing campaign #GrabYourWallet added L.L. Bean to the list of companies to boycott. Read article HERE