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Photo by Yana Paskova/Getty Images A bunch of arrogant #NeverTrumper electors get together and call themselves the "Hamilton Electors". Of all the names, they chose his.
Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images National Anthem - Oak Ridge Boys 535 Cool Yule - Louis Armstrong 548 Starship Trooper - Yes 610 Mambo Italiano - Dean Martin 622 The Ballroom Blitz - Sweat 635 Little Girl Blue - Nina Simone 648 Such Great Heights - The Postal Service 710...
Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images Hey snowflakes, get excited! The San Francisco International Airport has decided the best way to combat travel induced stress is none other than therapy pigs. Learn more about therapy pigs here.
Photo by Ashley Pon/Getty Images We call this the "news whine" as NBC breathlessly reports the the Chinese side of the story:
In Honor of Ballwin Officer Mike Flamion, there is an event on December 12th to present him with his Medal of Valor among other awards.
Photo by Scott Olson Getty Images The Army Corps of Engineers has stopped the construction of the pipeline for the easement under the Missouri river.
Photo by Spencer Platt Getty Images Michael Hammond from Gun Owners of America discusses the rejection of the nomination of General David Petraeus for Secretary of State. He helped found Veterans Coalition for Common Sense, urging tough gun laws.