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Photo Illustration by Scott Olson/Getty Images Never surrender. Good for Heinz as they challenge the 'never put ketchup on a hotdog' mantra in Chicago.
Photo by Michael Reynolds - Pool/Getty Images President Trump says he would have picked someone else for the position of Attorney General had he known Sessions would recuse himself from the Russia investigation:
Photo Credit: The Washington Post / Contributor/ Getty Images Jessica Vaughn says that SB31 is also know as The Trust Act. It will basicially make Illinois a sanctuary jurisdiction.
Photo Credit: Scott Olson / Staff/ Getty Images Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner says, Speaker Madigan has controled the Illinois legislature as a one man ruler for 35 years, using scare tactics. After passing a massive income tax increase on the shrinking population of Illinois,...
Photo Credit: Xinhua News Agency / Contributor/ Getty Images Jared Halpern says they need to pass a budget bill because it includes reconciliation instructions
Austin Petersen joins Jamie in studio to discuss his campaign to run for US Senate and his strategies to get Claire McCaskill out of Washington! Watch below: Video of Austin Petersen Check out Jamie and Austin on Facebook LIVE: Follow...