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Photo by Found Image HoldingsCorbis via Getty Images Brenda Talent says it's time for leadership to act like leaders. Video of The Log Jam In The Missouri Senate
Photo by Joe Raedle Getty Images Jean Marrow says that Obamacare was a financial disaster for Aetna. She says this just shows that Obamacare needs to be repealed and replaced. Video of Aetna Exits Obamacare Exchanges
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images Jamie speaks with Hans von Spakovsky on Trump firing Comey.
Photo credit should read ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images Jamie speaks with writer Suzanne Venker on her book, "The Alpha Female’s Guide to Men & Marriage: HOW LOVE WORKS" and her latest article, " Most men just want a woman who's nice." Venker talks about strong, capable- and...
Photo by Tasia Wells/WireImage Although the ratings of ABC's 'Last Man Standing' has been strong, they have chosen to cancel the show after six successful seasons. Is this because of the conservative views that the show highlights? Jamie and Annie dissect the show, as well as,...
Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images Lester Holt is rude and arrogant during his interview with President Trump. In the interrogation-like interview, Holt interrupts Trump at least nine times. Holt would never be disrespectful to his precious Obama.