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Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images Todd Starnes joins Jamie to discuss one very distinct difference between President Trump and President Obama . Todd is also working on a piece called, “Animals Gone Wild”.
Credit: Michael Thomas / Stringer/ Getty Images Gov. Eric Greitens outlines programs to help create peace in St. Louis
<p>Credit: Kris Connor / Stringer/ Getty Images</p><p>Austin Petersen discusses his platform as a GOP candidate against Sen. Claire McCaskill.</p> </p><iframe src="
Photo Credit: NurPhoto / Contributor/ Getty Images Chicago has had a gun violence problem and now the Feds are being sent in to deal with it.
<p>Credit: Drew Angerer / Staff/ Getty Images</p><p>Some Republicans are still against the bill, but there could be a new proposal this week to be voted on next week.</p> </p><iframe src="
Photo Credit: Janie Osborne / Stringer/ Getty Images A special election is being held on Tuesday for Mayor Krewson's former seat. It will be the first election since the Voter ID law has been passed.