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Photo by William Campbell/Corbis via Getty Images After Donald Trump Jr. released his email chain regarding his meeting with a Russian lawyer , he went on Hannity to set the record straight. The leftist are doing whatever they can to keep the Trump/Russia collusion story alive...
Photo Credit: Drew Angerer / Stringer/ Getty Images Chris Neiweem says we can take our indication from leadership.
Photo Credit: Craig F. Walker / Contributor / Getty Images Chris Arps says St. Louis is out of control. Video of Chris Arps St. Louis Is Out Of Control
Photo Credit: Leigh Vogel / Contributor/ Getty Images Chris Arps says that he thinks Donald Trump Jr. was set up and wants to know where the New York Times got the emails. Video of Chris Arps Donald Trump Jr. Emails
Photo by Paul Warner/Getty Images In terms of Gilligan’s Island, you’re either Mary Ann or Ginger. Jamie’s always been Mary Ann. That’s why he’s a little nervous when he speaks with Dawn Wells of Gilligan’s Island. They take a walk down memory lane before they preview Wells’ new...
Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images Governor Eric Greitens is working with Mayor Krewson and the city of St. Louis to make safety a priority. Hear his interview with Jamie below: