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Credit: Getty Images John Decker says the Clinton Wikileaks e-mail story broke at a bad time for Donald Trump and it's a big story.
Credit: Getty Images Rachel Sutherland and Marc talk about "down ticket" Republicans that are dropping support for Trump
Credit: Getty Images Jamie and Tim Jones discuss their night in spin alley at the second Presidential debate of 2016. Plus, some interesting stories about encounters with #NeverTrumpanzees. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Getty Images Anthem- Brandi Carlile 535 Eileen- Keith Richards 548 Miss Atomic Bomb- The Killers 610 Gangnam Style- Psy 622 It's the End of the World- R.E.M. 635 Internet Killed The Video Star- The Limousines 648 Get Closer- Life In Film 710 Papaer Thin Walls- Modest...