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Credit: Getty Images Chris thinks more people would pay attention to the Wikileaks if Trump didn't keep distracting them with his flubs
Credit: Getty Images Arps says Trump was only appealing to to the 35-40% of voters he already has in debate. Marc and Chris discuss the latest debate and chat wth callers about GOP politicials who are changing their support for DonalD
Credit: Getty Images Judge Napolitano says that Trump's comments about jailing Hillary may have been in-artful but they were certainly justified.
Credit: Getty Images Children's Education Alliance of Missouri 's Associate Director Peter Franzen joins Jamie this morning to discuss Thursday's event.
Credit: Getty Images National Anthem - US Marine Band 535 Nothing Left To Say - Staind 610 Run For Your Life - Runner 622 My Type - Saint Motel 635 The Great American Nightmare - Howard Stern & Rob Zombie 648 Dead Or Alive - The Slackers 710 Cool Change - Little River Band...
Credit: Getty Images Let's set politics aside for a moment and just enjoy this little gem: