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Photo by Justin Sullivan on Getty Images I swear this is the sound track that they play at Disney World. We wonder if all of the leftist celebs that vowed they would leave the country when Trump was elected will actually leave? Thanks Milo for the video:
Photo credit by Win McNamee/Getty Images Thank you to Dustin Row and Songs4Soldiers for all that you do for our military! "Songs4Soldiers started with the idea of helping “4” combat veterans a year. Over $80,000 later S4S has helped over forty veterans and their families...
Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images CNN captures a complete meltdown from a "protester" voicing his complaints about Trump's presidency...Only this wasn't actually a protester, this is a cameraman from CNN. Can you say awkward? Watch video below:
Photo by Joe Raedle Getty Images Sen. Paul Wieland didn't want contraceptive care in his health care plan. He didn't want to be told he had to provide it for his children and was able to opt out.
Photo by Drew Angerer Getty Images Dr. Rachel Glik talks to Marc about the reaction and why people act out in this manner
Photo by Win McNamee Getty Images Wayne Allyn Root, author of Angry White Male, says that a lot of working people voted in Donald Trump because they're tired of paying taxes for people who don't work.