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Credit: Michael Buckner / Staff National Anthem - Marine Corps. Band Description: During the war of 1812 (on September 14, 1814), poet Francis Scott Key wrote a poem entitled "Defense of Fort McHenry", being inspired by seeing the American flag still flying amidst the battle...
By: Win McNamee On top of Pelosi citing a FAKE Flynn tweet, she gives us the definition of 'scapegoat'... It seems that one of the three stooges didn't learn that in third grade when the rest of us did. Listen below:
Credit: Mario Tama / Staff Jamie speaks with Genevieve Wood on the concrete evidence of Gen. Flynn being wiretapped and the press getting ahold of the leaked information from our own government. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Mario Tama / Staff Jamie speaks with Pamela Geller on the three Muslim brother's fired from Capitol Hill for spying and funneling house data to external server, as well as, Flynn's early resignation. "I think the inner media is losing it's grip on reality and the...
Credit: Pool / Pool Eli Lake writes in Bloomberg View that the leaks leading up to the Flynn resignation are alarming and weaponizing. Read FULL article here!
Credit: Michael B. Thomas / Stringer Some Ferguson residents are concerned that the new D.A.R.E. Humvee is insensitive and messing with the psyche of the children living in Ferguson. Read full article HERE!
Credit: Win McNamee / Staff The pencil pushing state traitors and opportunistic Dem/GOP hacks are trying to destroy President Trump. Read FULL article here!
Credit: Andrew Burton / Staff This couple wanted to do something exciting and set their eyes on doing the sky swing. The woman looks like she is having a blast, screaming and laughing about the experience, while her boyfriend passed out periodically! Watch hilarious video below:
Photo by John Moore Getty Image St Louis Archdiocese Respect Life Apostolate Director Karen Knollkemper says the new regulations lessen protections for church beliefs, especially in the abortion arena. NEVER MISS AN EPISODE OF THE MARC COX SHOW! CATCH THE PODCAST: CLICK HERE .