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Credit: Frederick M. Brown /Getty Images The celebs are at it again trying to plea with Electors to not vote for Trump on Monday. What a load of crap. We don't care about your whiny lib. agenda and neither does the electoral college. Watch them cry below:
Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images A beloved Florida middle school was reprimanded for taking a knee during a student-led prayer on the football field. Wakulla Middle School football coach Eddie Metcalf did not lead the prayer. He did not recite the prayer. He simply took a...
Credit: Drew Angerer /Getty Images Jamie speaks with JJ Carafano about the Russian hacking and Russia, China & Iran in a full panic because soon Trump will be in and Obama will be out. Listen to interview below:
Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images The worst possible thing that could happen during the month of December would be for your Christmas party to actually be a Christmas party, according to a report from Texas Woman’s University. Campus Reform exposed a story published by the...
Credit: Peter Kramer /Getty Images Why are Obama fanboys in the media blatantly ignoring IRAN's role in Aleppo? I think you know... Watch Shepard Smith w/ AP reporter Josh Lederman blame Putin for Aleppo below: