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Credit: Rick Diamond/ Getty Images Mason Weaver guest stars on the Allman Report to discuss the Trump vs. Lewis controversy that happened over the weekend. Watch video below:
Photo by Joe RaedleGetty Images It is reported that the Architect of the Capitol will remove the pigs/police painting from the Capitol. The removal is in response to a letter from Rep Reichert, who asserted that the rules prohibit art which depicts "subjects of conteporary...
Photo by Joe RaedleGetty Images The Wet Foot, Dry Foot policy has been changed by President Obama. According to Dr. Pierce, this happened at the Castro regime's request, and now people fleeing Cuba no longer have a special place in the United States.
Photo by Joe RaedleGetty Images Women plan on marching in Washington on January 21st. But some groups have been left out due to having a different view.
Photo by Joe RaedleGetty Images Rachel Sutherland explains that those that are boycotting currently still have their seats reserved. It is not clear yet if they will try to remove the chairs or fill them.
Photo by Rick DiamondGetty Images Marc and Chris discuss John Lewis questioning the legitimacy of Donald Trump's presidency. It turns out it's not the first time this has happened.
There are plans to disrupt President-Elect Donald Trump's Inauguration. Project Veritas went undercover to find out what some of the plans are.