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Photo by Carolyn Kaster-PoolGetty Images The President-elect is reportedly considering Judge WIlliam Pryor to fill the vacancy. Pryor is said to be on Mr. Trump's short list to replace conservative justice Antonin Scalia.
Credit: Randy Shropshire / Stringer Jamie speaks with Kevin Jackson on Snoop Dogg daring ‘Uncle Tom’ Black People to perform at Trump Inaugural and Marc Lamont Hill's "mediocre negroes" comment. Listen to interview below:
By: Evening Standard/Getty Images By: Alex Livesey/Getty Images This cover of David Bowie's "Space Odyssey" by the Ficken Harneds is awesome and a must listen! Click image to listen below:
Credit: Mark Makela / Stringer This guy tweaked Jamie's idea for a Trump float! Only suggestions we have are to change the song to "Happy Days are Here Again" and let's make it a double decker bus! Watch video below:
Credit: Spencer Platt / Staff Jamie speaks with Senator Roy Blunt on what to expect for the Trump inauguration and the media's fantasy of no one showing up. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Pool / Pool The anxiety of the media continues as the inauguration of Trump comes closer and closer. Jamie speaks with Pamela Geller on the mission of the mainstream media which seems to be to destroy the Trump team one way or another. They also discuss Loretta Lynch...
Credit: Bennett Raglin / Stringe CNN Marc Lamont Hill claims that Trump meeting with black entertainers and comedians is demeaning and disrespectful. Wasn't Trump just harassed for not meeting with diverse groups of people last month? Yesterday, Trump was harassed for meeting...
Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images Universities across the fruited plain are trying to convince men to grow lady parts. And that’s a problem, America. Campus Reform recently reported on efforts to provide “safe spaces” to fight back against what the academic world calls, “toxic...