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Photo Credit: Getty Images Today is the day that the election vote is made official. Kelly Ray of KWOS in Jefferson City joins Marc to report on protests at the capitol building. Due to the weather a lot of the protestors are making they're way in to the Senate Building.
Photo by MJ Kim/Getty Images Watch the latest video at The fifth graders at Centerville Elementary School in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania have been performing “A Christmas Carol” for decades. But this year that tradition came to an abrupt end. Parents told...
Credit: Joe Raedle /Getty Images Watch interview below: Credit: Joe Raedle /Getty Images
Credit: Mark Makela /Getty Images Jamie speaks with good friend and wonderful reporter Jason Whitely on his story that revealed Texas elector Chris Suprun as a fraud. Suprun lied about being a first responder in 9/11. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Leon Neal /Getty Images For part two of our #AITM Christmas pageant extravaganza, Jamie tells us the importance of Joseph during the birth of Christ. Listen below:
Credit:Mark Makela /Getty Images Jamie speaks with Rodney Boyd about the harassment of electoral college voters to vote for anyone but Trump. Listen to interview below: