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Credit: Getty Images We all know #HRC is not going to resolve 80% of people not having a raise with her economic policies, but Donald Trump will! Watch video below:
Good morning this morning! You know the drill... we're LIVE! Today's Show Sheet: 610 Pam Geller 650 Denish D'Souza 722 Genevieve Wood 748 Rep. Rodney Davis 822 Kevin Jackson 837 Skip Weber
Credit: Getty Images Economist Dr Gerard Francis Lameiro says Trump supporter intensity is "Off The Charts" while the intensity for Hillary Clinton is the lowest he's ever seen.
Credit: Getty Images Co-Author of "Putin's Master Plan" Evan Roth Smith says Putin wants the kind of power the USSR used to have back
Credit: Getty Images Chris thinks more people would pay attention to the Wikileaks if Trump didn't keep distracting them with his flubs