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Credit: Getty Images Another lecture from our esteemed O-bummer in Chief? Yep. Coming from someone who's whined basically his entire time in office, it's hard to take this criticism seriously.
Credit: Getty Images Wondering how to commit voter fraud on a mass scale? Well, wonder no longer. Democratic operatives explain exactly how they've been, "busing people in for 50 years." Watch Part 2 of James O'Keefe's chilling uncovering of corruption and fraud in the DNC:
Good morning this morning (you bunch o' drunks)! The third and final presidential debate is happening tonight in Las Vegas, NV. #AITM has your debate prep: comments, questions, concerns and of course listener engagement. Watch below: 5:10 – Anthem 5:37 – Replay Doug Giles (930)...
Credit: Getty Images Jasha McQueen, Missouri Trump surrogate, talks about Donald Trump's ethics reform plan
Credit: Getty Images Sen. Bob Onder talks to Tim Jones about getting to know Eric Greitens and why people should vote for Greitens over Koster.