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Credit: Getty Images Michael Bekesha, an attorney from Judicial Watch explains their investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails.
Credit: Getty Images Matt Palumbo, writer for, and co-founder of talks to Annie Frey about the latest problems with Hillary's campaign.
A 25 year old, stay at home mom, Kelly Quelette, is voting for Trump and she's telling people why. With Annie Frey. Read Kelly's full article, click here.
Credit: Getty Images Jim Carafano speaks with Jamie about the U.S. launching strikes in Yemen after missiles aimed at american ships. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Getty Images Maria Bartiromo speaks with Jamie about NBC aka the #ManipulatedMedia editing out Billy Bush's crud comments in the Trump tape as well as Trump's beneficial and logical tax policies. "If you put these two plans side by side, anybody can see that you will...