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Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images Comparisons between President Trump and President Andrew Jackson have been made. Jamie has the full scoop on President Jackson. Senator Talent also joins the conversation.
Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Firefly National Anthem - Mormon Tabernacle Choir 522 I Am The Highway - Audioslave Description: Video of our move from Los Angeles, CA to Yakima, WA in March 2006. We left my whole family behind to start a new one. Thank you brothers and...
Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for NBC Fresh off of her embarrassment, Rachel Maddow attempts damage control from the release of President Trump's 2005 tax returns. She claims that 2005 was a "unique" and "a-typical" year for the President's returns.
1. Cheers 2. Futurama 3. 30 Rock 4. Mary Tyler Moore 5. High Fidelity 6. Alice 7. WKRP 8. Office Space 9. The Office 10. Gung Ho 11. Taxi 12. Anchorman 13. Clerks 14. Wings 15. Night Court 16. Spongebob Squarepants
Photo by Michael B. ThomasGetty Images The Mayor says that it's been quiet for the most part. He says that residents asked that Ferguson Market be shut down because of new allegations that there are drug deals done there brought on by a film maker. NEVER MISS AN EPISODE OF THE...
Photo by John GressGetty Images Annie says a discussion on spending 1.5 million on translating a website into Spanish is in question, and that's only one of the problems. NEVER MISS AN EPISODE OF THE MARC COX SHOW! CATCH THE PODCAST: CLICK HERE .
Photo by Joe RaedleGetty Images The Miami-Dade school board is scheduled to vote on a policy that would bar Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agents from entering schools, looking for undocumented students. The school board in Broward county passed a similar policy earlier...
Photo by Justin SullivanGetty Images Wayne Allyn Root says that the IRS is a criminal organization and the Obama administration went after him, so why wouldn't we believe anyone when they say that they were targeted.