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Donald Trump is making proposals to "drain the swamp." The border patrol is beefing up. Hear what Marc has to say about it in today's post show video.
The Edwardsville Veterans Day Parade was an amazing event to be a part of. We had a truck full of the DGS crew...for most of the parade, at least. After about a block into the parade down Main Street, Rachel realized she needed to take a potty break at the convenient store up...
Photo by Scott Olson Getty Images John Henderson from The Range St. Louis West A man discovered that his car was being stolen from his driveway. He shot the thief, who was then found dead. The owner of the vehicle is now being investigated for shooting the thief.
Photo by Scott Olson Getty Image Tim Graham, MRC's Director of Media Analysis, breaks down the post election poll that finds Americans were not persuaded by liberal media vote against Trump The American people know the media is tilted. 69% of voters don't believe the media is...
Credit: Getty Images Rachel Bovard, director of policy services for The Heritage Foundation talks about earmarks coming back Surprise! Republicans are talking about bringing back earmarks. Earmarks are a congressional directive that funds should be spent on a specific project.
Photo by Stephen Maturen Getty Images Jeff Monosso from Fox News Radio reports on the charges Philando Castile's family was looking for a murder charge. The charges of manslaughter and two felony counts of dangerous discharge of a firearm comes with a 15 year sentence.
Photo by John Moore Getty Images Before the election there was a surge of illegals at the border. Now the border patrol is beefing up because people are turning themselves in. There is a lot of paperwork involved and more people needed to help out.