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Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images Ann Coulter predicted Trump's GOP candidacy from day one. She has been roundly mocked and criticized for her support of Trump. She has thick skin and commendable foresight. That being said, even Coulter didn't realize how pathetic these...
Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images Donald Trump has been criticized for the idea of working with Russia. Is it really a bad thing to want peace and cooperation with foreign leaders? READ ARTICLE HERE
Photo by Christopher Furlong Getty Images Jasha McQueen is in a custody battle over embryos frozen during her marriage
Photo by John Moore Getty Images Erich Pratt, Executive Director for Gun Owners of America discusses the bill to ban assault weapons in St. Louis City.
Photo by Andrew Burton Getty Images Katie Tubb from the Heritage Foundation discusses the North Dakota Pipeline
Photo by Dan Kitwood Getty Images Lis Wiehl from Fox News discusses Brendan Dassey being released from prison on grounds that his recorded confession was coerced by Maitowoc County investigators.