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2016 is almost over. Here's a summary of 2016 from Lux and Tim Convy at our sister station Now 96.3. Watch the video below. For the full blog post, click here .
Photo by Terry Wyatt /Getty Images National Anthem - Marine Corps. Band 535 Priceless- For King and Country 548 Always Be My Baby- Mariah Carey 610 How Can It Be- Lauren Daigle 635 I Choose You- Sara Bareilles 648 Change- Churchill 710 Bach: Suite For Cello Solo- Jian Wang 735...
Credit:Drew Angerer /Getty Images Kellyanne Conway will not be talked over, will not be ignored and she stands firm with what she believes in. She is the ultimate female role model in politics. Watch her smile and smack below:
Credit: Chip Somodevilla /Getty Images Stacy speaks with Sen. Jim Talent speaks about the Obama Administration choosing not to veto a UN resolution against Israeli settlements. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Mark Wilson /Getty Images Stacy fills in for Jamie and speaks with Rachel Sutherland from Fox about Trump's economic plan. "The issue is (Obama) was below expectation for creating jobs as President and the expectation for Trump as President-Elect to create jobs is zero...
Photo by Chip Somodevilla Getty Images Marc and Dr. Corsi discuss Kerry's speech about the U.N. resolution, as well as Dr. Corsi's book :Goodnight Obama: A Parody"