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Credit: Noam Galai /Getty Images Listen, We've had enough of Geraldo blabbering on about things he has no clue about. Trump's not backpedaling, he's playing the game of chess and being strategic. Watch interview below:
Credit: Alex Wong /Getty Images Stars lineup the White House Tuesday to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Watch Obama give Medal of Freedom to Ellen Degeneres: To read full article, CLICK HERE .
Photo by San Bernardino County Sherrif's Department via Getty Images You would have 60 days to turn in your guns if the bill passes, but does the proposed bill conflict with state law?
Photo by Carsten Koall Getty Images There are currently 49 judicial nominations pending in the Senate. Over the last 8 years Obama has appointed some of the most liberal judges. Lower Federal Courts last year decided over 55,000 cases.
Photo by Thierry Chesnot Getty Images Nick Loris, Economist at The Heritage Foundation President Obama used a sole executive agreement with the Paris Climate Agreement. President Elect Trump could pull out of the entire framework all together
Photo by Drew Angerer Getty Images Chris Arps from Chris Arps says that because he voted for Donald Trump, he's been labeled a racist by people on Facebook. Marc and Chris also discuss the announcement that Trump will not press charges against Hillary Clinton.