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Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images National Anthem - US Navy Band 522 Silent Night - Elvis Presley 535 Christmas Lights - Coldplay 548 Home For The Holidays - Perry Como 610 White Christmas - Dean Martin 622 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Jimmy Smith 635 I Am Blessed - Nina...
Photo by Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images This article from The Hill is criticizing Trump for taking physical appearance into consideration when selecting cabinet members. Trump said he wants cabinet members that look the part in the sense they need to demonstrate a level of...
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Photo Credit: Getty Images Jennifer says that a study was published in 2011. Saint Louis City will gain two council seats and will likely request a third seat due to it being the largest municipality. The reduction of crime would be an illusion and it would be a regressive...
Photo Credit: Getty Images Mike Hejna discusses what he sees as the pros for the city of St. Louis becoming the 91st municipality. He says making this change would make things more efficient.
Photo Credit: Getty Images The Bathroom Bill allows trans people to use the bathroom that they identify with instead of what they're birth certificate state as their sex. Congress has been in recess most of the day, but are working on the language to repeal the bill.
Photo Credit: Getty Images Katie Tubb says that even though President Obama has rescinded permits for the pipeline, President-Elect Trump should be able to easily reissue the permits.
Photo Credit: Getty Images Wayne Allyn Root talks about threats that he has received. He also compares the current administration to Trump's administration as Taxi's vs. Uber.