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Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images Kevin Jackson says the nationwide Women's March Missed the Point.
Photo by Shawn Thew-PoolGetty Images Jamie and Genevieve Wood discuss President Trump's Executive Order allowing the long-debated Dakota Pipeline & plans to loosen regulations.
Credit: ABC Television / Handout You all thought Jamie was joking about this terrifying hand smothering the characters of Dark Shadows.... Well here is your proof! Watch video below:
Credit: Michele Tantussi / Stringer A man known as "Big Joe" makes his big debut on the internet by standing his ground and speaking for Trump at the LA Women's March. Watch video below:
Photo by Alex WongGetty Images Heritage Foundation Expert NIck Loris and Marc Cox disucss the change in US policy and the Dakota Pipeline.
Photo by John MooreGetty Images Eben Brown and Marc discuss Austin, TX and the new policy that effectively creates a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.
Photo by Lucas Jackson - PoolGetty Images Chris and Marc disucss the crowds and Donald Trump's Inauguration and the reaction to the crowd size from the media and the administration.