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Photo by Kevin Hagen Getty Images John Malcolm from The Heritage Foundation talks about Sessions' prior experience and how he will do as attorney general
Photo by Drew Angerer Getty Images There are 3 new announcements: Jeff Sessions, Michael Flynn, and Mike Pompeo are all up for parts in Donald Trump's administration.
Photo by Chip Somodevilla Getty Images Would getting a soccer stadium really be a good thing for St. Louis? The cost is predicted to be $200 million. Do you think St. Louis has enough soccer fans to justify a MLS team?
Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images We got a little kitty in the #AITM studio from our friends Stacy Switzer with APA and Kim Beardslee with Purina promoting UberKITTENS! Watch our fur friend below: For more information about #UberKittenS CLICK HERE .
Mission Statement: Through Nurse of the Year, the March of Dimes has provided a platform to recognize extraordinary nurses who have played a vital role in the healthcare system. The event honors nurses in 20 categories that span the healthcare community. The culminating event...
Credit by: Win McNamee/Getty Images Matt Lauer claims Trump needs to mend some ties with the media before he becomes President, however, Laura Ingraham was not having it. "I think the press has its own problems with credibility and building back credibility with the American...