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Credit: Getty Images Genevieve Wood joins Jamie to discuss the rash of voter fraud across our nation. It's real and it's affecting election outcomes. "There are over 2 million dead people voting... who they vote for matters," Genevieve says. She jokes but warns we need to be...
Credit: Getty Images National Anthem - Ricochet 522 Jesus Just Left Chicago - ZZ Top 535 Count Me In - 311 548 Smoke Two Joints - Sublime 610 Miss Gradenko - The Police 622 The Great American Nightmare - Rob Zombie 635 Midnight Blue - Lou Gramm 648 Take It All Back - Judah...
Credit: Getty Images Yes, the system has always been rigged. Here's President Obama bragging about democrats controlling voting machines in Chicago, circa 2008:
Credit: Getty Images Another lecture from our esteemed O-bummer in Chief? Yep. Coming from someone who's whined basically his entire time in office, it's hard to take this criticism seriously.
Credit: Getty Images Wondering how to commit voter fraud on a mass scale? Well, wonder no longer. Democratic operatives explain exactly how they've been, "busing people in for 50 years." Watch Part 2 of James O'Keefe's chilling uncovering of corruption and fraud in the DNC: