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Credit: Chip Somodevilla /Getty Images Tim Jones speaks with Rep. Paul Curtman on President Obama's decision to not veto the U.N. resolution on Israel settlements as well as big things Curtman would like to see get done in MO legislation for 2017. Watch interview below: Part 2:
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images National Anthem - Oak Ridge Boys 522 Judah & The Lion - Take it All Back 535 Kid Rock - Only God Knows Why 548 Jimmy Eat World - Sure & Certain 610 Star Wars Theme 622 Empire of the Sun - High & Low 635 Somebody Else- The 1975 648...
Photo by Jessica Kourkounis Getty Images Matt Larson discusses the help provided to people for family planning
Photo by Chip Somodevilla Getty Images Dr. Pierce discusses the Obama Administration's foreign policy and the mistakes they made
Photo by Uriel Sinai Getty Images Chris Arps and Marc discuss President Obama's attitude toward Israel Chris and Marc discuss President Obama saying he could have beat Trump if he had run for a third term
Photo by Scott Olson Getty Images There were 27 incidents over the weekend and 12 people lost their lives. Eben Brown reports that this is a cause of street violence. There was also a shooting in North Carolina, 7 people were shot, none died.
Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images Todd Starnes takes time out of the holiday haze to speak with Stacy. Unfortunately, we're use to Todd reporting a "war on religion". In Christmas miracle fashion, today Todd has a piece on a cross RESTORED to it's rightful place on one town's...