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Photo by Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images Inauguration Day was turned into Retribution Day as hordes of angry leftists set fires, smashed windows and clashed with police to protest President Donald Trump. It was the kind of reaction I predicted in my new book, “The Deplorables’...
Photo by Jack Gruber-Pool/Getty Images Trump supporter Scott Koleskey had stowed his backpack in the overhead compartment and was about to settle into his window seat when he was verbally flogged by a fellow passenger. It happened Saturday on board an Alaska Airlines flight from...
Photo by Scott OlsonGetty Images The Dakota Access Pipeline Protestors are back!
Photo by Joe RaedleGetty Images Andy and Marc know that Donald Trump has narrowed his picks to three contenders. Schlafly says Judge Thomas Michael Hardiman is the one Trump should choose.
Photo by Shawn Thew-PoolGetty Images Wayne Allyn Root and Marc Cox discuss the latest Executive Orders from Pres Donald Trump