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Credit: Mark Wilson / Staff & Credit: Alex Wong / Staff Nancy Pelosi says Gorsuch is a 'hostile appointment' Tuesday at a CNN town hall meeting. She believes President Trump tried to outstage her at the town hall meeting and if he did, that would be awesome! Pelosi claims...
Credit: Pool / Pool Last night Cruz told Tucker Carlson that #GorsuchNomination is a 'home run' SCOTUS pick. Watch video below:
Credit: Getty Images Missouri Governor Greitens called into the DGS to talk about the pay raises the Missouri Senate discussed for SEVEN hours... but ultimately got thrown out. He also talked about what's next for the state of Missouri. And yes, Dave really said "kick some ass,...
Photo by Win McNameeGetty Images Justen talks about people who have lost everything to ISIS. He wants to address the people hopping on the trend because he can't stand the hypocrisy.
Photo by Alex WongGetty Images Jared Halpern discusses the democrats denying decorum and delaying the process for confirmation votes.
Photo by Pete Marovich Getty Images Chris and Marc discuss Sally Yates being fired and who President Trump consulted before making the travel ban.
Photo by Stephen Lam Getty Images Brad Bauman tells Marc that there are problems with blanket banning a whole group of people from the entire country. He says there's a difference between the Constitutional argument and legal argument.
Photo by Chip SomodevillaGetty Images President Trump is expected to announce his pick for SCOTUS. Marc and Chris discuss the picks and the pros and cons of the picks.